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Nov 17, 2012


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Thank you, Suzy! I know you're a huge blessing to H and David. And thanks for sharing about David--that's incredibly sweet. xoxo

Suzy Tarnowski

#3 is my fave! And, what a lovely bride you were (and are). David will sometimes refer to me as "his bride" and it still melts my heart. I love #5, too. Super Girl is lucky to have you.


Thank you for the compliment, Marie and Al. I appreciate all the love and support you've given us through the years. Happy Thanksgiving!

Marie & Al

Beautifully written to E and so lovingly portrayed to Craig. We think you are terrific parents who have lovely children. Will always encourage and pray for your family. Love to all of you always. Mom & Dad A.


Thanks for reading, Nadia and Lisa! I love you both. Hugs!

Super Bluebonnet

Aww, that's so sweet! And we're thankful for Craig. He's a great brother-in-law and, even better, a great uncle!

Nadia Cooper

Beautifully written Laura! Thanks for share your words and thoughts. Happy anniversary to you both. ox

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