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Dec 07, 2011


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Laura A.

I'm sorry, jp. I've rechecked the blog settings, and it shouldn't be a problem. "Aaaargh!" cries Charlie Brown. Thanks for trying.


I tried to post that comment again but to no avail. Oh well . . .

Laura A.

Absolutely, Jim! That's just one of the many stories I've been thinking over lately. It still makes me smile to think about that episode. :)

Jim Porterfield

Do you remember you, Lisa, your mom, and me, looking at Christmas lights in the might metropolis of Petersburg and singing "Feliz Navidad" until we drove your mom crazy? It was Christmas 1976 or 77.

Laura A.

You're very right, Marie! We've made many wonderful ones with you and Al. Thanks for the compliment and for reading! :)


Very heart warming!!So nice to have family memories! They last a lifetime to give joy to us especially the Christmas ones.

Laura A.

Thanks for reading and posting a comment, sweet Melissa! :)

Melissa Studdard

Sounds heavenly!

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