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Dec 22, 2011


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Laura A.

Jim sent me a scan of the Rambler picture, btw. I'm glad you like it. Actually, we have a few more pictures scanned in over Christmas time from Dad's slides. I'll post a few more at some point.

I'm sorry your comments didn't post. Sometimes the site seems a little temperamental, but if you try again...it may work. In the meantime, I'll check the blog's settings.

Happy weekend!


I'm glad you found that humorous - was a bit concerned.
I like that picture you have of Grandpa's tree. But I even more appreciate the reminder of that old Pink Rambler Station wagon. Good Lord, look how full it is packed with boxes. I wonder where we all sat. Ruth and I used to sleep in that back portion.
Doesn't your sister have that chair you're sitting in wearing red with suspenders and pig tails? You were a virtual Elly May Clampet.
I tried to post some other reminder of the farm for you but they won't post for some reason.
I'm surprised more relatives haven't added memories and anecdotes.

Laura A.

Well, jp, I'm so glad you wrote up this memory. It has a bit of everything--sweetness, sadness, hope and a laugh. Thank you for reading my story then sharing your's. It's beautiful and funny. I feel so blessed to have had six such sweet cousins in my life.


Driving to the farm for Christmas – When I’m traveling at night during the holidays I’m always reminded of the feeling I got as we drove to the farm for Christmas late at night – usually after some church service, wedding or whatever dad had to do to hold us up. Driving through this part of Texas is always so desolate but on Christmas Eve to me it seems so much more sad and lonely. Lying back in the seat or up against mom’s arm I’d see sparsely scattered homes along the way lit with a few little strings of Christmas lights. They were few and far between and the decorations were minimal. Someone in the car was always pointing them out as though they were grand displays not to be missed. But someone out there in the sticks was still trying to share their little bit of Christmas joy. And though to me it was so sad and hopeless it also was thrilling because we were finally headed to the farm for Christmas morning.

But suddenly as you’re dozing you feel the jostle of the car and hear the crunch of the dirt road under the tires, and you know you’re on the final stretch to the farm. It’s time to wake up. You get excited. The anticipation has been building of getting to see Grandma and Grandpa and the Christmas tree. You’ve been wondering if Grandpa lit the big-ole evergreen and if the train will be out under the tree. The answer is just around the corner.

The car jostles again as it turns to drive up the hill to the house. Everyone jumps out of the car. You run into the house. You see Grandma seated on the sofa. You run up and throw your arms around her exclaiming Grandma!, Grandma!, Grandma! And you hear breaking through the excitement a cold-blooded yell of “GET THESE KIDS OFF ME! I’VE GOT A HEAD ACHE!”

Laura A.

Thanks for contributing and reading, Super Bluebonnet! I'm glad you enjoyed it. xoxo

Super Bluebonnet

I love it! Thanks for keeping the memories for us.

Laura A.

Thanks, Ann! I very much appreciate the input you gave me. And maybe we can do a reunion at some point in the future. Who knows! It's a good idea. Merry Christmas!

E Ann Porterfield - Oldest of the Eight

PS: We must do a Family Reunion and soon!

E Ann Porterfield - Oldest of the Eight

Welld done and good and faithful Cousin.

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