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Oct 06, 2011


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Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate your comment. :)

Lisa Preston Beach

Beautiful stories/memories.


Stacey McCool has asked me to post this for her:

I couldn't agree more about Don. As many of our classmates know, I was jumped my sophomore year at Sunset by a gang of girls after school. I was a JV cheerleader at the time and knew Don but only as another cheerleader on the varsity squad. To make a long story short, Don pulled the girls off of me (literally) and carried me (again literally) down the hall, down the stairs and into the nurse's office. We were friends forever after that.
I called him my guardian angel.

During college Don would come pick me up and feed me. He knew I was short on cash. There were many times he would open my kitchen cabinet and there would only be a single can of something. I particularly remember the time when it was a single can of carrots. After that the joke was that he would call and ask if he could bring carrots. Somehow being poorer than poor didn't matter to me with Don. We talked about many things politics, religion, our individual dating challenges but especially race. He helped me overcome the temptation of stereotyping the people who shared the race of the girls who jumped me. He helped me rid myself of the fear and the hatred I felt for them. He did me a great favor just by being my friend.

After I FINALLY graduated from college, it was my turn to pay him back for all the carrots so we had a standing Wednesday night fun night at Dave and Busters. We would play shuffleboard with whoever showed up.

At one time in the 90's Don started his own business. I think it was in some kind of financial services and he went through the ups and downs of being on his own. I never saw him again after about 1991 but he would call a couple of times a year and he would start the conversation "This is your guardian angel calling. How are you?" Years later the calls just ended then years later I found out my guardian angel had gone to heaven to be with other angels.

I will never forget Don Yen and I miss him and his calls very very much.

Rest in Peace my Friend


Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Stacey. I love it-- because it fully illustrates Don's exceptional character.

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