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Apr 23, 2011


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Thanks, Marie! I love getting more background, and you're absolutely right...of course. When we were in Canada, there were more neighborhoods based around groups of recent immigrants from the same country. I think they felt more comfortable being around people whom spoke the same language...just as Craig and I did when in Cananda. We always lived in neighborhoods with higher anglophone populations.

The grandparents were such interesting people, and were very loving to me. I'm very grateful to them.

We loved spending time with you today. Thank you for the wonderful meal. We're very blessed to have you and Al in our lives.


I think the identification of the different ethnic ladies was because when they where growing up they lived in neighborhoods where lots of Italian people lived. Their parents gravitated to these neighborhoods when they migrated for identification with others like them. One of my Grandmothers never spoke English because everyone she came in contact with spoke Italian as did their children. Now my other Grandmother became a business woman helping her husband run his butcher shop so she became familiar with the English language and the financial end of the business. This should clear up the oddity. I have been enjoying your blog about "the Grandparents" Thanks - Great Writing. Marie

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