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Apr 14, 2011


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Thanks for commenting, Robin! You would have loved the wonderful food. Oh, the tastes and the smells...you're absolutely right. Hope we can get together soon, Sunshine! :)


I can smell the pasta! Such good decriptions. My favorite is the part about saying "when!" to mean done. So funny!


Thanks, Super Bluebonnet! Yes...lots of love. :)

Super Bluebonnet

A wonderful story told with love -- very good!


Thanks, Marie! Aren't the pictures great? I'm so glad I was finally able to upload them.


The pictures are so great!! Had another happy laugh after reading about the grandparents again today. The way you worded the blog was very funny!!!


I haven't read the blog yet, but wow! I love the photos! How precious to have those! (I'll come back and give the blog entry my full attention later.)


Thanks, Marie! Yes, your mother really loved to make people happy with her food. She was an incredible cook. Looking back at it, I almost wish I had at least tried to scale Mt. Mckinley. It would have made her day. :)


Great memories of lots of laughter and happiness, although a little sad to think about my mother. Her meals which gave her great joy and her smiles. Can't wait to read the next installment. You do such a great job with your writing!!! Marie

P.S. Thank you for the lovely birthday wish.

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