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Dec 10, 2010


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Lisa, Tom will have to answer your first question. I'm guessing he is referring to a time which was "before your time". :) I love seeing the pictures of the park. It's nice to know the neighborhood still seems to be vibrant and family-oriented. Additionally, I found the discussion thread on the Ravinia Mansion fascinating. Talk about a mystery! I particularly liked the comment which contained a long description of the house in the 70s.

Thank you for your additional information and your kind words. I appreciate you! :)

Super Bluebonnet

Now I have a question about Moss Park. I thought Moss Park was the one with the very old metal swings and slide next to the Reservoir. But I thought the Sunset football team worked out at the practice field across the street from Lida Hooe. Or did I get the two confused? Or maybe that was even before my time?!! (I'm guessing it's the latter.) By the way, the neighborhood put in new playground equipment at Moss Park. You can see some pics here: http://kesslerplaza.com/Scrapbook/july42009/july4parade2009.htm . I drove through the neighborhood a few weeks ago and I was surprised (again) by how small the lots are!

One more tidbit: Dallas also has a Moss Park in Lake Highlands.

You have wonderful stories of times spent with your friends. I don't think I have the same wealth of memories of hanging out in the neighborhood with friends. Although Cindy and I did a lot of bike-riding near the back entrance to Ravinia Mansion, hoping to catch a glimpse of the people who lived there. :) (Kind of like the Radley house in To Kill a Mockingbird. Do some neighborhoods still have creepy houses with mysterious occupants?)

Hmmm, look what I found: http://www.symmonline.com/phorum/read.php?2,24136

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