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Nov 17, 2010


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Thanks for the compliment, Rachel. I LOVE feedback. I'm like the cookie monster with feedback. FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK!

Rachel Hoehn

<3 This blog Laura! David was right on with his comments.

P.S. this is my second post in less than 5 minutes so it seems to be working :-)


Dad, I think you're a great writer. Thanks for posting.


I always thought that the Oak Cliff area was just home. I didn't know that all those things made any difference. We lived in an area with wonderful people and great friends. Running from a changing world never solved any of its problems. You are great with your thoughts and writings.


Thank you, Susan. What wonderful encouragement! I appreciate your comment and...tomorrow is our twenty-first anniversary, so I've been thinking about writing him something for the blog. You're a mind reader.

Susan M.

This is extremely well writtten. I loved reading it. I am lying on the couch and putting heat on back after painting and riding today...so much in one day.
I enjoyed reading your blog for the first time and being a follower. I am quite the follower. I did not know what todays writing has to do with your anniversary...so I challenge you to write something for your husband...that he would love...what an anniversary present that would be. Just an idea. You don't have to. Thanks for listening the other day!!! Love you friend! Gotta come see the new car and the girls' new bedrooms soon.

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